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The Month of Jumada al-Awwal

The month that has recently started is the fifth month of the Islamic calendar, Jumada al-Awwal. Let's learn about the events that took place in this month:

On the 5th, Zainab bint Ali (RA) was born.

On the 10th (11 AH), Fatima (RA), the beloved daughter of the Prophet (SAW), passed away in Medina. According to some Muslims sources, she died at the young age of 23 years.

On the 12th (1188 CE), the Ottoman Empire signed the Treaty of Kucuk Kaynarca which gave Russia jurisdiction over Christians in the empire.

On the 13th (11 AH), Fatima (RA) was buried by her husband Ali (RA).

On the 15th, Ali ibn Husayn was born.

On the 20th (857 CE), Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II conquered Constantinople.

If I have missed any other events or made any mistakes, please reply. Jazakallah Khair for reading.